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Wing Chun Kung Fu
Close quarter combat and self-defence


After the emergence of Bruce Lee,

Wing Chun Kung Fu, a short-range fighting system, became one of

the most popular martial arts in China.

This is mainly because it is SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE and SUITABLE FOR ANYONE.


Wing Chun actually means "forever spring"

and was named after the first proponent of the art, a young village girl Wing Chun who was doomed to marry a bandit chief unless she could defeat him in unarmed combat. She sought out a nun who was famous for her Crane and Snake Kung Fu. When they met, the nun mixed her Crane and Snake styles, with the Crane for the clawing, blocking and evasion, and the snake for speed, guile and the range of hand strikes. Within months, she returned to defeat the bandit, and lived on to pass on the mastery of her style.


Wutan teach both Traditional Wing Chun as well as the modern version modified by the teacher of the legendary Bruce Lee, Yip Man. Wing Chun uses the centreline theory. The most economical mode of attack from two points is a straight line originating from the centre of the body. Attacking using angles from the centreline serves as an economical transmission of power and energy.



Wing Chun adopts a very linear approach to attack the opponent using a simultaneous block and hit strategy. This is very effective for short range attacks and hence very popular with those who just want practical self-defence.

This style was developed so that a smaller framed person could overcome a larger person better by the use of body dynamics, positioning. Reflex and sensitivity trained through a specially designed method created by Wing Chunís founder.

Wing Chun is a relatively easy system to learn and it is perhaps of this reason that it is the most popular of all the Chinese martial arts in the developed countries. With a good foundation in Wing Chun, long range styles are introduced in our curriculum making Wing Chun even more efficient.


Wing Chun Sticking hands


"Sticking hands" involves maintaining contact with your opponent.  Once the bridge has been closed Ned on the left can easily deflect Matt's punch with his right forearm, because he has felt the punch before it has landed.  Chi Sao is the sensitivity training that makes this possible.



The modified system of Yip Man consists of three empty hand forms, the wooden dummy, the long pole and the butterfly knives. Characteristic of Wing Chun is the high horse stance used to develop root, power and the correct flow of energy. The first form, Siu Lam Tau of Wing Chun, is taught for the first grade in our syllabus, together with Chin-na (joint locking techniques). This grade takes about twelve lessons to learn and will give the student the foundation they need to learn the basic principles of self-defence and close range fighting.



Single sticking hands or Tan Chi Sau is taught at the second grade, Chum Kiu at the third grade followed by Suang Chi Sau or double sticking hands at the fourth grade. Most school will not teach their students any further until they have proved their determination and commitment(normally about ten years). However, at this stage students would have processed good amount of self-defence knowledge of Wing Chun system. Yap Man has also taught Bruce Lee to this level which he combine some idea of other systems such as Praying Mantis and Chai Lei FutWutan Tai Chito created the famous JKD.




Wutan combine the two-person drills from the traditional system with the modified system of Yip Man in order to help students understand the full potential of the Wing Chun system quicker. Students are introduced to the Wooden Dummy at the forth grade and the six-and-half-points Pole at the 6th grade. Students with appropriate dedication will complete the Bil Jee and Butterfly Knives at Brown Belt levels.


Classes are aimed at giving the students an all round insight into the self-defence arts of Wing Chun.


Senior student Anthony

and Instructor Kevin Lloyd

conclude the two person

Wing Chun Butterfly Knife




All three empty hand forms are covered in first two years of Wutan's Kung Fu Syllabus, as well as Pole, Butterfly Knives and Wooden Dummy training.  This means the more talented student can reach 4th or 5th Dan standard in three or four years with regular practice, training and instruction.






































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